Can’t find what you are looking for?

So we have all been there. You are desperate to find that dream home and are frantically trawling through the internet, day in day out looking through all the same homes you have already discounted. It seems a fruitless task and then you find one that might just be perfect – Call the agent……and its already under offer??? – How did you miss it, you did your daily search and it didn’t come up this morning???

Well the answer lies in the fact that not every home an agent has on their books goes onto the property portals such as right-move or zoopla straight away. This does mean you need to engage with Agents to make sure they know what you are for when looking to buy. This becomes even more important when you are looking for something more specialist or unique and at the luxury end of the housing market as many clients have genuine reasons as to why they wish their homes to be discreetly marketed.

So here are our top tips to be successful in finding the dream home.

1. Pick up the phone

Whilst this may seem incredibly obvious, there are a reducing number of people picking up the phone to talk to us about what we have available. And if we don’t know you are looking, then how can we help you find the perfect home.

And we wont bombard you with irrelevant homes that don’t fit the bill.

The idea is you give us as much detail as possible and we can then help match the criteria – The “must have” features are an essential thing for us to know along with location and price banding. And if you are ready to buy then make sure the agents know this. They are more likely to call you if they know you can do something about moving as many agents only get paid on results.

And try this. Advise the agents you speak to you are ready to view if they find you the perfect home. And ask them “What have you got coming to the market?” Good agents will always be out, valuing homes daily. If they are about to value a home, or they are busy preparing marketing on a home that you could be the right buyer for, you can help them by being willing to view anything that ticks the majority of the boxes for you.

2. Don’t just rely on the Portals

Okay so most stuff goes onto the above sites that agents sell. But not everything.

Have you looked at the agents own website? Many agents may feature homes on their own sites that are having a rest from the public domain.

Are you following their social media feeds. Most good agents will have a facebook page such as ours or a youtube channel and most of the homes they have will be going on these sites first. Why? Because the people following what they are doing are clearly the most committed buyers and are more likely to view the homes. So make sure you like and subscribe.

Property portals are also fairly useless for showcasing videos or unique marketing angles and these social media feeds give the agents a better platform for showing their homes off, to their best ability. Facebook marketplace now features homes for sale – have you looked there?

This year my office has done more off market deals than we have ever done before so be aware!

3. Use the all the tools possible

So you have done all the above but still think you will find what you want via Rightmove or Zoopla – Then use their tools effectively.

Set up buyer alerts so the automatically email you when a home comes to the market or the price changes.

Use a key word search for unique criteria you want such as equestrian facilities, swimming pools or school catchments.

And on top of this you can search for just the last 24 hours of new homes that come to the market and that way all you see are new properties you wont have considered before.

Trawling the same homes day by day is not the way forward.

4. Be prepared

So when you are talking to the agent, when you registered or when viewing make sure you have everything lined up and ready to go. Great homes will always have multiple viewings early. So which client will the seller/agent opt to go with? The one who is proactive and can supply all the information up front. Get your mortgage set up and ready to go, have proof of deposit information saved to your phone, know your solicitor and have the contact details saved. Provide the chain details to the agent so they can verify early you are a genuine contender. You will also need to supply ID documents as agents will have to carry out checks for their money laundering obligations so again, save these to your phone. Most agents will have an offer process you need to follow so ask them what this is and they will want to help you.

You could be the lucky one

But why chance it? If you are looking to buy in Derbyshire then please do pick up the phone and talk to one of my team of professional agents who will do their best to find you the perfect home – 01332 973888


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